Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dave and Busters

Me and my honey had a dinner date with a bunch of his beach volleyball friends. We headed to Dave and Busters for some dinner and games. We had a blast! We played basketball (in which i suck at), air hockey, shooting, car racing, and trivia pursuit. At the end of the night we had a bunch of play points and decided to do a couple of fun photos. I was actually surprised when he said "lets take pictures" and even more surpised when he did the "kiss" photo (above). Its just not the type of person he is. The picture below is more of his personality. When i said "smile, honey" -- he pulls a stunt like that ;) Turned out to be my favorite.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"A leap of Faith"

Boy did we leap... off a bridge! Yes, My boyfriend purchased bungee jumping package to celebrate our anniversary. We did have to keep putting it on hold because, well, August was full of downfalls for us. I got really sick, hospital and everything. I had a major test to study for (so this was a big priority). He got laid off, and his roomate was moving out... lots of stress for us!
This was our convo. . .
"How many jumps do you wanna do?" - he asked
"2" - I said.
"ARE YOU SURE?!?!! Thats a lot" - he said with a scared tone
"yea, im sure. Im sure ill want to do it again after my 1st jump" - i said with excitement
"alright" - he said with hesitation

Our jump time was 7:30am. Boy, it was horrible to get up so early. We had to drive to Asuza (which is about an hr drive from both our houses). We arrived, signed in, and we were off (us and about 30 other people). A 5 mile hike to reach "the bridge to nowhere." It was an amazing, gorgeous hike. We had to walk cross a waist high river about 6 times. We had hilarious "jump masters" (in other words - we were putting our lives on 5 20yr old guys) that kept the whole group cracking up with there sence of humor. Mile 4 is when the trail goes from nice, shade, walking along the pretty river -- to -- HOT, dessert, sun. IT SUCKED! and it felt like that hike was never ending. Muz was trying really hard to keep my spirits up, because i was beyond annoyed at that point.
Once at the bridge we had to wait until the early morning group was done with their jumps. This is when i met "SPIDERMAN!" Yes, there was this little asian man that decided to bringalong a spiderman costume to jump in. It was hilarious!

We had a quick "safety" talk from the jump masters then they called up the 1st group of people to jump, one of them being Muz (my bf). He was the 1st person from the group to jump. During the "safety" chat - we were introduced to the pillow. Which is this big red, pillow, thing that is right next to you. This pillow is either: 1) your worst enemy (if you jump wrong - you will be smacked hard by the pillow) 2) your bff (in which you hold on to with all your heart and soul because your so scared) or 3) it doesnt have a purpose.

Muz's 1st jump - the pillow was his worst enemy. It was exactly like the old batman shows. As I looked down, as he jumped, all i saw was: "BAM" "SMACK" "POW" as the pillow hit him. All the jump masters said was, "Ladies, and Gents.. thats exactly what you DONT do" and laughed. The 2nd jump is done backwards, and the 3rd jump is the "extreme jumps" which include the elevator (which is what muz did), when you are attached at the ankle only (which is what muz wanted to do, but couldnt because his 1st jump was so bad that he didnt qualify).

[ Muz's 1st jump ]

Then it was waiting time til my turn. Muz prepaired lunch for us and we ate snaks. We waited for about 3+ hrs before my turn. Yes, i was the very LAST person to jump. Now, my experience was a little different. I was calm, cool, and collected. I was attached to all the ropes - ready to go! I put 1 foot over the ledge, then the other, felt the cool breeze, it didnt hear any sounds, all i could feel was my heart racing, and as i looked down I saw a river, 2 gigantic white rocks with (on one rock) a man with a long lens camera pointing straight up at me.. all i could do at that point was say "OOHHHHHH HEEELLLLLLLL NO!!!!!!!" "YA'LL ARE OUT OF YOUR MINDS FOR DOING THIS!!" Yes, i FREAKED out!

My focus was on that little man, with the camera, on that white rock. I couldnt do it. The jump masters gave me a pep talk. Worked me up and i did attempt #1. Didnt do it. Again, pep talk - "You can do this!" Attempt #2... fail. Pep talk #3... my bf on the side lines cheering me on, along with everyone else on the bridge, jump master telling me again "You can do this". I got in position to jump, focused on the flag (that were suppost to jump towards). 1 - 2 - 3.. I jumped! (or as i rememeber... Im sure my shoe slipped and i ended up falling.. but for the sake of the story.. i jumped). Yes, the red pillow was my bff. I hugged that thing like i have never hugged anything before in my life. After the jump, i was relieved it was over... oh, wait.. i still had jump #2 (sigh).

Jump #2 was suppost to be done by falling backwards (looks at the very 1st picture to understand what i mean by this). "You are crazy?" was the only thing i was thinking at the time. After your jumps they check your adrenaline (they make you hold out your hands and see how much your fingers shake). My fingers were barely moving. Then the "jump master" said: "considering how scared you were, you dont have much adrenaline going on." "thanks" - i thought (was that suppost to be a compliment?). I was then taught how my 2nd jump was suppost to go. Phew! I knew i could do the 2nd jump.. i was pumped. Got back out on the ledge and..... freaked out.. again! This wasnt going to happen. Attempt #1 - Fail! Attempt #2 - Fail! Attempt #3 - Fail! I chickened out. I got off the ledge and hugged muz and couldnt stop shaking. I was beyond terrified. I couldnt stop shaking until the harnest was completely taken care off, then i was A-OK, i was laughing and smiling again. I told Muz that he took take my last jump (in which he did).
After our jumps we hiked a little bit further north (which wasnt a trail.. we were rock climbing at that point). We wanted to head down to the bottom of the bridge, where the river was. It was absolutely beautiful, and peaceful. There we met a couple that were celebrating their 30 yr anniversary. They gave us tips on how to keep a successful, happy relationship. He said: "shes always gets what she wants". She said: "make him think that hes always right (then whispered: "but your always right" to me).
On our hike back we got lost, and it was getting dark, and i was in pain. The special water shoes i had bought for this trip were tearing up the bottom of my feet. Muz was starting to worry because the pain was getting so bad that i slowed down alot. So he would make me walk as little as possible, as he ran around looking for the right trail. We finally made it to the car, and we couldnt get out of the mountain quick enough. We were starving! We found a Applebees and scarfed down burgers and fries (how romantic!). We were planning on making a late night movie but decided that a hot shower and sleep were more important - and thats exactly what we did.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

We've hit the 1 mark

Hormuzd & I have celebrated our 1st Anniversary.

We met on a random wednesday, really late at night, in huntington beach, when this brave guy walked up to my car and accused me of running a red light. Yup, true love story. We hit it off immediately, took a stroll, under the moonlight, on the beach, and had our 1st kiss on lifeguard tower #14... we've been inseperable ever since.

Well, a year ago. We decided that our 1st date would be at the Orange County Fair. It never happened. This year, he was determined to get us to the fair. He got off work early, and I suffered threw horrible rush hour traffic... but we made it.. at around 8p.m.

We pigged out! 1st: deep fried butter, garlic-ranch fries, gigantic turkey leg (which ive been craving to try since i saw them all around disneyland), a HUGE polish hot dog, deep fried klondike bar (delish!). Its a miracle one of us didnt have a heart attack.

We played a few games and I won him in all of them. But, he still says that he got me the stuffed animals (since he paid for the games)... whatever. We got a turtle (our oldest son), and our baby monkey. Yup, we have kids now. He walked around the fair grounds with our sons in his arms (cuttest thing).

We had a great 1year together. But this was just the beggining... were going bungee jumpin in a few weeks. Thats our real anniversary activity. Im excited!!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

City Girls Gone Country & Hit the 90's

Yes, it was that time again.... STAGECOACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats stagecoach? Only the best 2-day country councert of the year. This was my 1st year going and i was excited. Ive hear of stories and ive been dying to go ever since. It was Mondo, Chantelle, Josh, Jen and I. I was so excited it was just the 5 of us. We are the best fit for trips. We departed on Friday night to Palm Springs - where we rented out a 3 room condo in a pretty amazing country club. The 1st night we were there we went to downtown palm springs to see what the night life was like. Well, it was pretty "old." All of the restaurants, clubs, bars... were dominated with older people (in there 40's & 50's). We should of known... Palm Springs is where u retire. So we just walked around and window shopped at all the great stores there. We hit the sac early because Saturday was day 1 of the concert.

Saturday: Oh, so excited. We all got up. Josh made an amazing breakfast for us all. The concert started at noon. While on our way.. we noticed a lot of cars with people in cowboy hats, with writting on there car windows saying "save a hourse, ride a cowboy" (lyrics to a country song, just incase u didnt know). We were getting closer. The concert is held in Indio (30 min south of where we were staying). We bought "cheap" but expensive cowboy hats to complete our outfits. When we got to the concert arena.. oh my goodness! I never thought that there were so many country lovers in L.A. There was an estimate or 10,000 ppl there that weekend. There was a sections dedicated for camping, camp trailors, general admission, VIP (thats where we were), a whole section of food (which we did alot of visiting to). They had every type of food imaginable; from: chinese, mexican, burgers, pizza, bbq.. everything! I, of course, only bought a general admission ticket, while my friends had VIP tix. I was not about to pay $300 for a concert. So.. we snuck me into the VIP section of course. Josh gave me his wrist band to get me in. YAY! We met some fun people there. The section was relatively small... only about 100 ppl were there.

We were all exhausted from Saturday. We didnt get back to the condo til 3am. Nobody was that anxious to get to the concert by noon. Instead we took advantage of the private heated pool we had access to. It was relaxing and just what we all needed; some quality time with eachother (which we havnt done is months). This was the best part of the trip (for me anyways). This day was Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts performin. At the end of the concert... Rascal Flatts announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed by the navy seals. The crowd went crazy!

Friday, May 13, 2011.

Yes, Kerri, Chantelle, and I went back in time.... We went to a PRINCE concert! Ha. This was a last minute idea. The tickets were extremely cheap - $25.00. Now, i am not a big fan of prince, i only know 2 songs of his. Well, the concert was suppost to start at 7:30pm. It didnt acutally begin until 9:30 (when the opening act game out) and prince didnt actually come out until 10:15 or so. For only costing us $25 and buying the tickets the same day as the concert we got AMAZING seats... we were 10 rows from the stage and had a great view. The concert was AMAZING! Best concert i have ever been to. He had old school music videos playing on big screens the whole time, he sang songs from the 90's, he even did a stevie wonder song. He has so much energy! He has different secret guest performers with every performance. I wanna go again!!!!!!!!!!! I had such a great time :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disney On Ice

Took my little niece to disney on ice at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. She absolutely was thrilled when i told her she was coming (thx to my friend, Heather, for grabbing her a ticket. We went with a very large group full of crazy kids. We had pizza from pizza man (yum) for dinner- it was madness to control 6 children, and 5 adults. but in the end it was so much fun!

Mad's and her new toy.
the group

Sunday, March 13, 2011

All for Mad's

My nieces 8th birthday was on Feb 28. I wanted to show up in Utah to surprise her for her big day. Boy, did i have a hard getting to Utah. I stayed at my boyfriends house the night before my flight (hes babysitting my car while im away, and he lives 10 min from the long beach airport) so it worked out really well. My flight departed at 9:50am - which was perfect timing for him to drop me off and for him to get to work on time. We'll the day of.. I woke him up super early because i was worried of missing my flight. He was taking his sweet time getting ready - even decided to chat with his neighbor (by this time my anxiety was totally present). While driving to the airport i got a call from the airline (mind you this was an hr before departure) that they had cancelled my flight... say what?! Yup, they sure did. The next flight leaving was 12:45pm and i would arrive in SLC til almost 10pm (i was connecting in arizona). Not acceptable! I tried everything to get an earlier flight. LAX? Long beach? Burbank airport?... anything! Finally Muz said.. "how about Orange county airport?" The person working for the airline said ... "yes, we have a flight leaving at 9:50." I had 45 min to get there, and 20 min to check in my bags. Muz drove all the way to the O.C. and i got to the airport right on the dot. *phew* too bad i didnt get to see my niece til she was already in bed.

Its a special kind of day.....

Madison Jennifer is now baptized!

[ I love these 2 shots ]

Our princess is all grown up.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love Day Pictures

It took some convincing but i finally got him to go a little crazy.

He wouldnt do the famous pose.. party pooper!
San Diego

At the end of the day...

We are all that matter!